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  • ujjvalkoul
    03-05 01:23 PM
    copy of current employment letter and future job offer...Does this has to be with same company...OR...

    Can Current letter be from new Co.(u switced to using AC21) and Future Employment offer leeter has to be from teh Orig Spnsoring Employer???

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  • gcpool
    10-15 10:57 PM
    Try contacting your local senator

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  • garfield_x
    03-05 01:53 PM
    eb3retro, As you may have noticed, this was my first post ever. So I am not aware of what rules you guys have been trying to enforce on this forum. However I like to have my privacy and refuse to share any info that is not pertinent or until I feel comfortable enough. so long .....

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  • jthomas
    06-02 10:47 AM
    where can i download photoshop from?


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  • sidshar
    05-15 04:22 PM
    My PD is 2006 last year dates went current and I got it. I guess luck played a role.

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  • ashoka
    09-25 12:38 PM
    How do I see or get LUD for I140 ? Mine was approved in DEC, 2006. Applied 485 in August 2nd week. Will I also get LUD?


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  • bp333
    10-29 03:38 PM
    Thanks much for all your suggestions..i will inform lawyer about this.,

    Hi PDCOT05,

    You should be OK, I am aware of same situation and they accepted the refiling.

    Mine was reject due to "missing or incorrect fee" refiled on Oct 12, waiting. Strange part is we dont have any evidence of the original check. That makes it complicated..

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  • for_gc
    12-16 11:36 AM

    Does anyone know where we can get hold of the data for EB green cards dispersed for year 2006 by category ?



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  • widad2020
    07-17 05:47 PM
    Congrats and Good Luck to all.Thanks

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  • gc_on_demand
    09-09 02:23 PM
    These references are from the statement made on 24th June 2009. Nothing after that !!!!!!!!!!

    CIR could not even get passed in 06 . 07 and right now economy is down so no hope for it. May be Obama wants to keep hope alive in Hispanic Voters so dems can win election in Nov 2010. Health Care is lagging behind schedule and it is very hard for him to press. How can people support CIR....?

    also Hispanic caucus will not allow piecemeal until CIR fails. So I don't see even little ray of hope for recapture. Now left over is admin fixes. God knows what can be done under admin fixes..


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  • JunRN
    12-17 06:22 PM
    No, it's not but you will get in trouble if you don't.

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  • InTheMoment
    08-07 11:52 AM

    The mercury is high these days on the forum...the bar is really low for the tipping point. Take it in stride :)


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  • Dhundhun
    06-11 01:17 PM
    How is the market? I want to share my history and see if the situation is the same in other places.
    I work in a small financial company in NJ since 2003 in IT. They are sponsoring my gc now. It's a growing company.
    At that time it was my boss, me (programmer) and an american girl (crystal reports). She left and we replace with an indian guy green card holder. Later he left and we hire 2 crystal reports developers, an indian and a russian both green card holders. Later we decided to hire another developer. Join us a hong kong born citizen. I think he is naturalized now. Anyway. Later we hired another programmer, come an indian gc holder. She left and we hired another indian programmer (i think she's in h1)
    Today we are trying to hire another programmer and so far, 1 month, no one show up.
    I don't know if this situation is happening in other places, but from our experience since 2003.
    - there are not many americans interested in IT ?!?
    - the unemployment is not affecting IT so much ?!? No one is showing up to fulfill our position now and in the previous years.
    - due to visa backlogs and restrictions, it's impratical to sponsor h1 or gc.

    My opinion, this a good example that immigration not so bad for US. With good immigration we would had filed our position and not took an american job.

    Again, anyone seeing the same in other places...

    Specialized people are not easily available.

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  • gcisadawg
    12-17 11:25 AM
    I traveled via Lufthansa last month ( EWR-FRA-MAA) and had approved H1B petition on hand ( to show that I'm legally working without any gaps) and on returning I showed AP.

    If you look at German consulate site, they have mentioned that if an Indian citizen residing in US is traveling to India, then he just need to have proof of continuous legal stay in US.

    If an Indian citizen living in US is travelling to say, Australia, then he needs to have German transit visa in addition to Australian Visa.

    While returning, it is either AP or valid stamp on passport.


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  • shana04
    08-13 06:13 PM
    Just read a post on a different thread where a 2006 NSC case was cleared without NC


    Even I am stuck with Name Check and what is the approach to clear name check.

    Any help / suggestions, please advice.

    thanks in advance.


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  • thomachan72
    05-15 04:20 PM
    I got my GC last year auguest but her gc/485 status is stil pending. Is it even possible based on her case was dependent on me? What can I do abt it. Thanks.

    your PD is 2006 and you got the GC? please correct your PD.


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  • EndlessWait
    08-24 02:58 PM
    they never clean backlogs. they just move from one queue to other.
    cmon dont u know it by now!

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  • kumar1
    03-04 04:23 PM
    Bidi, I guess.
    By the way, what do you smoke?

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  • Leo07
    02-17 04:24 PM
    you can find this on state Dept site.Although, this is the first one that I came across, it appears that this will be updated monthly. ( this one is dated Jan 30,2010)

    Source:Welcome to Travel.State.Gov (

    Where does one get this document that you have posted here?

    10-29 01:40 PM
    H4 people used to use TaxID instead of SSN in their tax returns (joint filing for ex.). What do they use when they get SSN after EAD ? Do they use SSN or just the Tax ID. Is there any requirement that they inform IRS that they got SSN and start using it instead ?

    02-27 01:42 PM
    IMO, you should spend the money yourself instead of depending on the company for GC expenses...

    Why are you worried about the money? Go hire a lawyer and get your GC process started, asking your manager/HR just for the paperwork support. That way it is easier for you and easier for them too...IMO, Asking the company to bear the expenses for GC is too much, especially in this economy.

    As far as H1 is concerned, I guess you need to be in constant touch with your manager and press the issue till she talks to the immigration people and move from there. Talk to your supervisor and ask his help to move the paperwork faster. May be he/she can in turn talk to the HR person to speed things up, without the baloney you are hearing from HR. Also, talk to the lawyer and offer your HR manager that the lawyer can speak to her directly about the issue to speed up things...

    In the meantime, keep your options open and look for another job so that you can transfer your H1 and start fresh...Hopefully if this option works, don't make the mistake of waiting for HR to start your GC process...Just be proactive and do it on your own...

    Why are you giving illegal advice on the forum.
    GC and H1 is employer application and employer should pay for it. It is the law.